Interior design is art
Whether it is the furnishing of entire buildings, the furnishing of individual rooms or even the design of a reception - OLC Studio plans innovative overall as well as detailed solutions with a great deal of dedication and style, always based on the personal taste and individuality of each client.

Furnishing cannot be reduced to simple factors. Often the functionality and comfort of the furniture or the interplay of the various pieces of furniture are in the focus. With OLC Studio, on the other hand, planning begins well before these requirements. From surface design and incidence of light to acoustics and the right colours, we perceive the room as a whole and create a harmony which then lays the foundation for our work.

We are also happy to offer the support and influence of the architect in the design of the property, so that the characteristics of the property are already perfectly adapted to the requirements profile of the furnishings. Often the most harmonious result can be achieved in this way and high costs can be saved when the building fabric is adapted later.

Of course, sustainability is also very important to us at OLC Studio and is incorporated into our work. We attach particular importance to the use of renewable raw materials, pollutant-free processing and short transport routes.

I could convince you? Then we should get to know each other.

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